Best Women’s Designer Briefcases Laptop Bag Of 2020

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best women’s designer briefcases laptop bag best is, then we recommend the KomalC Leather Laptop Briefcase as the best one.

The perfect designer’s briefcase laptop bag will be one of the best investments that a woman will make within her lifetime.

It’s not just to carry a laptop but having it will make you feel good. The designer’s bag is about lifestyle, status, and practicality.

But you’re probably unsure which bag to choose right?

Well, in this post, I will share with you a helpful insight into specific designer briefcases.

I’ve listed the top five designer’s women briefcases that have different styles and functionalities to fit your lifestyle.

Let’s dive in!

At a Glance: Our Recommendations

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What are the Key Features to Look for When Selecting the Best Briefcase?

Knowing key usability features, the different kinds of bags and your personal preferences can help you choose the best designer laptop bag.

Your design insight will help you determine the look and feel of your bag. 

It’s essential to consider the function of your bag when looking for the best features.

Check the Measurement

If you need the laptop bag to fit a specific device, make sure you look at the measurements of the inside of the bag.

Certain bags only fit smaller laptops or are designed for tablets so that they won’t fit your larger laptop.

But if you don’t know what the size of your laptop is, then I recommend you to read this article about how to measure laptop size.


Accessories are also a key feature to look for when in the market for a good briefcase. 

If you frequently bring your laptop on shopping trips or with you for work, having a shoulder strap would be a beneficial feature to look for.

Some of the other accessories that you may find in the briefcase are:

  • Adjustable strap
  • Luggage strap
  • Magnetic closure
  • Anti-RFID pocket


A multi-purpose laptop bag includes slots for additional technological devices and papers. 

One of the main benefits of multi-purpose laptop bags is that they can give you an extra hand when multitasking.

If you have kids, a versatile bag is a huge benefit because you’re able to carry additional items for childcare.

 If you have a business that requires you to store and bring papers to meetings, a multi-purpose laptop bag allows you to store these items safely.

How to Choose the Best Professional Laptop Bag?

As mentioned, a bag with the ability to carry papers and books can be a beneficial attribute to a professional laptop bag.

1. Aesthetic Impact

When looking for the best laptop bag to use at work, always consider the aesthetic impact of the bag. 

Choosing a bag that is black or gray remains a solid choice because the colors match most professional wardrobes. 

2. Security

Also, look at the security requirements of your business. If you need a laptop bag that can lock, some larger messenger bags won’t be the best choice for you.

3. Usability

The best professional laptop bags have added features for usability. Because many city professionals travel on foot, being able to efficiently and securely travel with laptops is essential. 

Features that increase the user-friendliness of laptop bags, like a double handle or a padded shoulder strap, can help you pinpoint the best professional laptop bags. 

These features allow you to stress less about the technology and focus more on your professional endeavors. 

They also reduce the amount of effort you have to put forth when traveling between meetings, making the workday a little bit easier.

Best Women’s Designer Briefcases Laptop Bag Reviews

KomalC Leather Laptop Briefcase


KomalC 18 Inch Leather briefcase Laptop Messenger Bags for Men and Women Best Office School College Satchel Bag

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The appearance of this case is very rustic when compared to other women’s designer briefcases.

The aesthetic advantage of the KomalC bag is the ethically-sourced Hunter buffalo leather exterior and high-quality tan canvas lining interior.

It is hand-sewn by leather workers and produced on a small scale. 

A little info, KomalC or Komal Chaudhari is a well-known name in the leather bag industry.

As a leather artist, Komal is passionate about designing exclusive products that exude a sense of class and practicality.

The vintage look goes well with the multi-functionality of this bag. In addition to compartments for phones and pens, it has a padded compartment for laptops that can fit up to an 18-inch laptop. 

This is an excellent product for those who need to carry a computer and multiple accessories. The external construction includes one durable external metal zipper, which helps with ease-of-use. 

The concealed snap closure of the internal laptop pocket ensures your device stays secured through transport. 

This leather briefcase also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which is a beneficial feature for those who have to transport more than just a laptop.

The color of this bag is light, washed brown. It will match nicely with a casual wardrobe.

This messenger bag has many durable features, including brass connectors, YKK zippers, and a very thick handle.

One disadvantage of traditional plastic laptop bags is that the handle can wear and start to shed. 

Once a handle wears out on a messenger bag, the bag begins to look unruly and unattractive.

The durable handle on the KomalC leather laptop briefcase ensures this product is long-lasting through heavy usage.

Here is the video of the real user had to say:

See KOMAlC pricing on Amazon


  • Vintage and elegant look
  • Made from high-quality buffalo hunter leather
  • YKK zippers
  • Ample storage space


  • The straps not very durable

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BOSTANTEN Leather Briefcase Satchel


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Check out this BOSTANTEN on Amazon now

The BOSTANTEN leather briefcase bag is a two-toned color that has a beautiful look and feel. This leather messenger bag is by far one of the most meticulously decorated bags of the lot. 

An apricot color appears on the exterior and is accented by dark tan color on the sides and handles. 

The top grain leather used to make the bag ensures that the color will be durable and resistant to fading. The hardware used to connect the handle and shoulder strap is made from burnished stainless steel. 

Burnishing steel creates a dark gray look on the metallic surface. When paired with the dark tan accents and apricot color, this bag is ready to match with a wardrobe in any season.

The interior of the bag is a dark brown color and has one large compartment fit for a small laptop. Inside usability features include two zipper pockets, two slip pockets, and one open pocket. 

The inside open pocket is an excellent feature for those who like to store small, easy-to-misplace items in their laptop bag.

It prevents smaller items from falling to the bottom of the bag. The briefcase can hold up to a 15-inch laptop or MacBook.

A detachable, matching dark tan shoulder strap comes with the BOSTANTEN leather briefcase bag. It is a smartly placed element of the bag, that attaches on opposite sides of the bag’s body. 

This allows you to travel securely with the bag when using the shoulder strap. A disadvantage of this shoulder strap is that it might cause chafing because it doesn’t have a shoulder pad. 

If you’re looking for a laptop bag but travel on foot frequently, this might not be the bag for you. 


  • Exceptional leather quality
  • Multi-pockets for organization
  • Very elegant


  • No colors option

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CLUCI Leather Laptop Briefcase


CLUCI Briefcase for Women Leather Slim 15.6 Inch Laptop Business Shoulder Bag Black

Check out this CLUCI on Amazon now

The CLUCI Leather Laptop Briefcase has a sleek black exterior and a beautiful red, black, and tan interior. The material is genuine cowhide leather and is paired with rust-proof silver metal hardware throughout.

The interior colors show through on the sides of the bag, adding a pop of color. The bag’s soft fabric lining creates a feeling of luxury and adds a subtle hint of coffee color to the bag.

The simple outside pocket makes this a functional bag for simple needs. If you often store your phone in your laptop bag, this external pocket is a definite benefit for that purpose. 

Inside the bag, multiple compartments allow for the added organization to small and large papers. There is a padded laptop compartment that can accommodate up to 15.6-inch laptop.

A disadvantage of this bag is the small internal laptop compartment, which measures less than sixteen inches. This bag is not ideal for people who have a medium or large laptop. 

If you have a smaller laptop and many smaller items to store in transit, the internal compartments might make this bag an excellent fit for you. 

With two additional compartments, two internal zipped pockets, pen slots, and a cardholder, you can even use this bag as a wallet. The slim design of this messenger back makes it a great fashion accessory. 

The contrast color expandable accordion side design gives a good pop of autumn-inspired colors.

It sits upright on the floor by itself and comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap for added functionality. The look of this product might be a good messenger bag for professional business trips.

For more details of the CLUCI Leather Laptop Briefcase, then click here to see it on Amazon.


  • Slim and professional-looking bag
  • Multi-pocket
  • Can standup itself


  • No RFID feature

>> Check price on Amazon <<

Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Briefcase


Kenneth Cole Reaction Reaction Manhattan Colombian Leather Expandable RFID 15.6' Laptop Business Briefcase Bag, Cognac

Check out this Kenneth Cole on Amazon now

The Kenneth Cole Reaction leather briefcase is a beautiful brown color and is made of full-grain Colombian leather.

This is a great designer bag for those who want to maximize style, comfort, and usability.

The style of this bag is absolutely stunning. The luxurious, soft feel of the cowhide exterior adds an element of flair. The leather is also very durable, which will maximize the lifetime use of this bag. 

When genuine cowhide ages, it becomes even more unique with added lines and varying layers of highlights. 

The interior of the bag is the tear-resistant lining that’s meant to withstand daily use. This feature makes Kenneth Cole Reaction leather briefcase an excellent option for those who might carry keys and other sharp objects in their bag.

The usability of this bag is increased by it’s an expandable portfolio. When space is maximized, you can be prepared to carry everything you might need. 

This bag expands one and a half inches to create more carrying space on-the-go. It can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

Another feature that adds to the usability of this bag is the rear trolley strap. This small strap is retractable, and assists in attaching to trolley handles.

If you often need to travel with multiple bags, this feature makes Kenneth Cole leather briefcase great for you. 

This product has a great adjustable shoulder strap, as well. The strap is also made of cowhide, which makes it soft and durable. 

It has an adjustable shoulder pad attached to the strap for added comfort when carrying the bag over longer distances. 

If you are frequently traveling with your laptop bag while walking on foot, this could be a great product in the women’s designer laptop bag realm.

Double handles are a popular feature for bags meant for everyday use. Because designer bags are often made style, they sometimes lack important usability features like a double handle. 

The Kenneth Cole Reaction leather briefcase includes this feature, making it ideal for busy professionals and travelers. 

Being able to carry the bag with a shoulder strap easily or securely with two side handles ensures your technology is safe during transit.

For more details of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Briefcase, then click here to see it on Amazon.


  • 1.5-inch expansion feature
  • Anti-Theft RFID technology
  • Quality cowhide Colombian leather
  • Come with a trolley strap


  • The straps not very durable

>> Check price on Amazon <<

ECOSUSI Women’s Briefcase Vegan Leather


ECOSUSI Women's Briefcase Vegan Leather 15.6 inch Laptop Bag for School Shoulder Computer Satchel Bag with Detachable Bow, Black

Check out this ECOSUSI briefcase on Amazon now

The ECOSUSI Women’s Briefcase is made of vegan leather and has an intricate, symmetrical exterior design. The exterior design is by far one of the best features of this product and includes a large faux vegan bow.

The color of the briefcase is a matte black, which creates an elegant and vintage feel to the product. The ECOSUSI briefcase looks and feels high-quality, even though it’s made out of polyurethane.

The holding capacity of this briefcase is designed for smaller laptops and files. A few notebooks can also fit, but this laptop bag is not meant for heavier items. The bag is designed to hold up to a 15.6-inch laptop. 

The top handle is attached with durable steel hardware and measures about four inches across. This top handle rests on top of the opening flap of the laptop bag. 

The placement of the handle could be considered a drawback because if one of your closure hardware fails, you will not be able to carry your laptop bag with the handle. The small size of the handle also makes it difficult to use if you have larger hands.

The best advantage of this bag is that it’s eco-friendly and vegan. The vegan leather is made of durable plastic materials and does not contribute to animal abuse during production. This bag also comes with a vegan, adjustable shoulder strap. 

The adjustable strap is also removable. I think this is because the aesthetic of this bag is of utmost importance. So if you want a smaller, cuter bag, just remove the strap and go!

The Interior construction of this bag includes a padded compartment with a hook and loop fastener. This is a cute advantage that keeps your technology safe. There is also a back zipper pocket for easy storage of valuables. 

If you worry about the quality of this bag because it’s made of a different material than traditional leather, the warranty offered through ECOSUSI can give you peace of mind.

For more details of the ECOSUSI Women’s Briefcase Vegan Leather, then click here to see it on Amazon.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Stylish
  • Outstanding warranty


  • Decent quality

>> Check price on Amazon <<


Whether brand new or vintage, it is always a good time to invest in the designer briefcase.

Designer’s bags are generally made with high-quality materials like leather and fabric. So, you can expect the briefcase to serve you last longer.

My personal favorite is KomalC Leather Laptop Messenger Bag.

In my opinion, this is the best briefcase for women because it is very durable and sturdy, made from full-grain buffalo leather. It gives the rusty vintage and luxury appearance to the bag.

Lastly, the briefcase is the only one in this list that has ample of storage to carry a 17-inch laptop and some extra stuff.

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