Most Comfortable Purse to Carry in 2020

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Purses, like all kinds of bags, are a must for every woman stepping out of the house.

A purse is a lifesaver, something that allows you to carry around all your essentials for any kind of event without looking like you packed a backpack.

But what is the most comfortable purse to carry for different types of events?

At a Glance: Our Recommendations

Purses: How They Differ from Each Other

Purses might seem identical to an untrained eye, but some things set them apart. 

You might have the idea that purses are only exclusive to formal events. However, there are different kinds of purses. 

These are some of the ones available on the market that are popular now:

  • The Day Clutch
  • The Evening Clutch
  • The Straw Basket
  • The Chic Tote
  • The Crossbody Purse

Aside from knowing which purse is best for a certain occasion, you should also know what to look for when buying one for yourself. 

The following are some of the must-have characteristics in what makes the best purse:


As I mentioned earlier, purses are lifesavers. They can pack all that you need when going to a certain event. 

They allow you to keep a cellphone, lipstick, and other essentials with you without ruining your look or packing your pockets if you have them. 

However, there is no need to settle for a purse so big it should be classified as a backpack or small satchel bag. 

Pick a purse that has ample space that you think can pack all those items you need.


Purses are investments. That said, you should take a good look at the quality of a purse before purchasing one.

It is best to check the hardware, the seams and the lining to see whether the brand gave much detail on the purse’s sturdiness and its ability to last for long-term use. 

These are the reasons why many women save up and invest their money on high-end brands. 

These luxury brands are known to masterly craft their products so that they can even be passed down to the next generation.


You would not want to spend your hard-earned money on something that’s only for one-time use. 

Purses should be able to withstand not only time but also transcend any kind of event. 

But how do you know which purse is versatile enough to be used during a diverse range of events? 

Focus on its design. 

The clutch is one great example of how your purse can transition from formal to casual chic. 

It can be hand-carried while on a dinner date, but you can attach a strap so that your clutch can instantly transform into something that would fit in a night out with your girlfriends.


Of course, a purse should be comfortable to carry around.

Otherwise, you might find yourself too exhausted or constricted midway through the event you’re attending. 

Style and design, of course, should not be overlooked. But there are some instances where you can find a balance between the two. 

So, if you are expecting to stand for quite some time during an event, go with something that is made with soft and light fabric. 

It would allow you to carry your essential belongings without adding too much weight to your hands or shoulders when carrying the purse.

The Most Comfortable Purse To Carry Reviews

1. Kate Spade New York Purse Carli Grove Street

Editor’s Pick

Kate Spade Grove Street Carli Leather Crossbody Bag Purse Satchel Shoulder Bag (Almondine)

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Iconic is the right word to describe this Kate Spade purse. The Carli Grove Street purse puts a check next to all the characteristics you need to have in a purse. 

It is comfortable, versatile, spacious and comes in high quality. 

The purse is made from boarskin embossed cowhead leather. Its design can easily turn it into an elegant purse perfect for dinner dates and balls to something fit for an ordinary day shopping. 

It comes with an adjustable and easy-to-remove strap that makes it versatile for any kind of occasion. In terms of space, the Carli comes with several pockets. 

There is an exterior pocket for easy access to important things like a mobile phone, double side pockets on the interior, and a zippered pocket that’s also in the interior.

If you are wondering if this stylish purse from Kate Spade can carry all you need, it measures 9.4 inches high, 11.4 inches wide, and 4.9 inches in diameter.

The strap is one letdown with the Carli purse. The straps and its hardware tend to get stuck which makes it easier for you to tip the purse over when you are wearing it crossbody. 

The strap also tends to twist a lot due to the hardware it is attached to. While it is easy to untangle the strap, it can be tiring when done every single time you are wearing the purse.


  • Quality leather
  • Cute design
  • Rich and vibrant color


  • The strap tends to twist
  • Pricey

For more details of the Kate Spade New York Purse, then click here to see it on Amazon.

2. OGIO Women’s Brooklyn Tablet Purse

Best for a Tablet

OGIO International Brooklyn Purse, Wine

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The Women’s Brooklyn tablet purse defies your conventional thinking of what a purse is. 

You might have seen your mom clutching her purse during a wedding or holding a small handbag while strolling at the mall, but never have you ever imagined that it can carry a tablet computer. 

Well, OGIO aims to give women more space for all the essentials in the 21st century. This purse is so spacious it can securely carry a tablet or an e-reader, and with a padded compartment to boot. 

The bag still has some space for other belongings like keys and makeup. It is made from TC 900D polyester and comes with a padded bottom to protect all of your things.

However, the strap might not be for everyone. The bad was designed to be worn as a crossbody shoulder strap bag. But it might be hard to do that if you are a tall woman. It comes up a bit short and is not adjustable. 

Additionally, you might find it hard to access the zipper as its position is just below the chest. Something that can be a struggle especially for busty women.


  • Ample of space
  • Lightweight
  • Wide strap for comfort


  • The strap might be too short for someone
  • The zipper position could be better for easy access

For more details of the OGIO Women’s Brooklyn Tablet Purse, then click here to see it on Amazon.

3. Scarleton Satchel Handbag

Best for Organized Storage

Scarleton Satchel Handbag for Women, Purses for Women, Shoulder Bags for Women, H129224 - Grey

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Scarleton Los Angeles designed the Satchel Handbag as a stylish purse that is big enough to pack all of the things you need for a full day out.

It can hold your smartphone, wallet and even a tablet computer or an e-reader. It also comes with two large compartments to store anything from makeup or other small items you need to carry around. 

In total, there are 11 compartments in this large stylish purse. Aside from being spacious, it is also made with only the highest quality materials. 

It makes use of vegan leather, silver hardware, and fabric lining to make it sturdy enough for everyday use. 

If the color is something you are worried about after hearing vegan leather, it is available in eight different colors including black, coffee, pink and magenta. 

One caveat with this purse from Scarleton is that its buttons tend to fall off easily. The same goes for its lining. 

There are several comments on how, despite how stylish the buttons are one this purse, they can easily pop off and its zipper is easy to break. 

While it is easy to re-attach the hardware that pops off, it is time-consuming to do it every time.


  • 11 compartments for separating the stuff
  • Soft material
  • Looks gorgeous


  • The lining and zippers could be better
  • The shoulder strap is not long enough

For more details of the Scarleton Satchel Handbag, then click here to see it on Amazon.

4. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Purse

Best Hipster Style

Vera Bradley Women's Cotton Hipster Crossbody Purse, Vines Floral, One Size

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Hipsters looking for a comfortable purse should check out this Women’s Signature Purse from Vera Bradley. 

It comes with all of the things you need. If comfort is a priority, it is lightweight, comes in the right size, and most of all it’s stylish. 

Vera Bradley describes this purse in the best way. The company says it is a bag that proves that it is possible to balance style and functionality. 

It measures 12-inches high, 12-inches wide and 2-inches in diameter. 

If you are a tall woman, you’ll find its adjustable strap convenient and that it falls at the right spot. It also comes with several compartments, one exterior slip and two zip pockets for easy access to your valuables like keys, money or cellphone. 

In terms of style, you can easily find something that suits your taste. The purse comes in a wide range of designs including Vines Floral, Kaleidoscope, and Water Bouquet.

The silver hardware of the purse is its biggest weakness. You might find it hard to zip and unzip the bag due to faulty stitching.

Additionally, the metal for adjusting the strap might hurt your shoulders. It can dig into the skin especially when the bag is on a heavier side. 

While it is nice to have an adjustable strap, Vera Bradley should have made some design changes so that the metal strap will not be uncomfortable.


  • Lightweight
  • A charger pocket feature
  • Nice pop of color


  • Stitching quality is not a strong point

For more details of the Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Purse, then click here to see it on Amazon.

5. Fossil Women’s Kinley Purse

Best Small Purse

Fossil Women's Kinley Leather Small Crossbody Handbag, Fig

Check out this purse on Amazon now

The Kinley purse is another elegant-looking purse in this list. Its design might give those who were convinced by the Carli from Kate Spade doubt whether it is the best for them. 

This purse from Fossil is made of softly pebbled leather. Its design comes with a flap that easily closes with its magnet and a zipper for additional security. 

The Kinley is worn crossbody with its 25.5 inches body strap. In terms of space, it packs a lot for all of your everyday needs.

It comes in at 8 inches high, 8.5 inches wide, and a bottom width of 8.5 inches depth.

If you are someone who loves carrying around a large wallet, the Kinley purse is not for you. 

Its measurements are not designed for that, but if you are comfortable with a small wallet, you can still fit a smartphone and some makeup on this purse.


  • Quality leather
  • Magnetic closure feature
  • Great for minimalist


  • Only can fit a small wallet
  • Pricey for the size

For more details of the Fossil Women’s Kinley Purse, then click here to see it on Amazon.

So, Which is the Most Comfortable?

Kate Spade New York’s Carli Grove Street purse is the most comfortable purse to carry. 

It is made from materials that can withstand everyday use and it is very versatile due to its removable strap. 

You can use it both during a formal sit down dinner, night outs, and even when you just want to look stylish while on a brunch with friends. 

The number of compartments is also a nice addition so that you can easily organize your things while on the go.  

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