Best Rolling Laptop Bag of 2020: Buyer’s Guide

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Best Rolling Laptop Bag – Top Pick!

Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case, Black, 16.5 x 8 x 13.25-Inch

Samsonite Classic Business Case

The Samsonite Classic Business Case is classically styled and durable for the road warrior. It has a padded laptop compartment for 15.6″ laptops and is constructed of rugged Ballistic fabric for optimal durability. The bag has a front pocket organizer and features in-line skate wheels for effortless mobility.

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These days, many of us have to lug around electronic devices, but often this includes more than laptops. 

Indeed, many business people need to carry around laptops, chargers, tablets, and other electronic gadgets from one location to another.

This makes the rolling bag ideal for those business people who need to carry around a lot of gear.

Here are our complete guide and review about the top rolling laptop bags for you.

At a Glance: Here are Our Recommendations:

How Do They Compare?

Bags Details Our Score  
Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case, Black, 16.5 x 8 x 13.25-Inch Samsonite Classic Business Case
  • Laptop Size: 15.6″
  • Material: 1682 Ballistic Nylon
  • Volume: 28L
  • Dimension: 16.5″(W) X 13.25″(H) X 8″(L)
Solo New York Bryant Rolling Bag with Wheels, Fits Up to 17.3-Inch Laptop, Black, 14' x 16.8' x 5' Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Case
  • Laptop Size: 17.3″
  • Material: Polyester
  • Volume: 36L
  • Dimension: 17″(W) x 14.75″(H) x 8.75″(L)
Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon for Upto 17-Inch Notebooks - Black Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon
  • Laptop Size: 17″
  • Material: Nylon
  • Volume: 45L
  • Dimension: 16.9″(W) x 16.5″(H) x 10″(L)
Kensington K62533USA K62533US Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag in Onyx, Fits Most 15-Inch Notebooks Kensington Contour Balance Roller Bag
  • Laptop Size: 15.4″
  • Material: Nylon
  • Volume: 28L
  • Dimension: 16.5″(W) x 14.75″(H) x 7″(L)
Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office, Black, One Size Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office
  • Laptop Size: 13.5″
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon
  • Volume: 38L
  • Dimension: 16″(W) x 15.5″(H) x 9.5″(L)

Rolling Laptop Bag Buying Guide: Key Features

If you’ve determined that a rolling laptop bag is definitely for you, it’s time to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. 

They vary in price, but are more expensive than the much smaller laptop sleeves or sling bags, and for obvious reasons.

So, here are several factors to take into account when you’re at the stage of choosing a rolling bag:

1. Space for Storage

This can be a tough one because we automatically tend to buy the bag with the most storage space available. The important thing to know here is that this is not always a good thing.

Often, more space inside also means that you’ll just be throwing things in there without a whole lot of organization. If there’s one thing you do need in a laptop bag like this, it’s organization.

Necessarily, a good rolling bag must have a dedicated and padded compartment for a laptop for proper protection

You should also look for the number of the compartments, pockets, and slots to keep your belongings such as power bank, documents, USBs, tablet, pen, clothes for few days business trips and etc.

Ideally, you want to find a laptop bag that has more spaces and slots for better organization of your items, although this may come with a higher price tag. It depends on your budget and needs.

2. Materials and Quality

The material used for your rolling laptop bag will determine its longevity against wear and tear.

A common type of laptop bag materials such as leather, polyester, and nylon have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, if you prefer bags that are made out of leather. It’s going to be expensive if the bag is from a quality manufacturer that uses good quality leather, but it can last for many years to come. 

It will also be strong and durable. If this is the sort of bag you need, leather makes good sense. Some bags made from nylon and polyester are determined by their denier ratings.

If you prefer practicality over reliability, the bag made from polyester is the right choice as well. This kind of material is known for water-resistant, durable, lightweight, and less expensive.

No matter which type of materials you choose from, please ensure the laptop bag has excellent padding, durable zippers, and high-quality stitching.

3. Mobility

Generally, a rolling laptop bag has the telescoping handle for you to pull or push your luggage around. Substantially, telescoping handle on the rolling bag can extend to different lengths and able to retracts in seconds. 

This allows you to switch between rolling and carrying the bag quickly. Look for the telescoping handle that is strong and able to lock firmly in place.

Sometimes you may face certain situations where you have to hold your bag, especially on the train, you should find a good hand handles or flaps that is comfortable for you to carry.

Another essential feature that you should check when looking for a rolling laptop bag is the number of wheels and its quality. Ideally, a laptop bag that has 4 wheels is better than 2 wheels.

It is easy for you to tow your rolling bag on a flat surface with 4 wheels. You can always switch to carry on 2 wheels mode whenever it is necessary. If you opt for 2 wheels laptop bag, you may find it has less flexibility.

Most of the rolling laptop bag wheels are made from rubber. It is hard to measure how good the rubber is, but you can check how good is the wheels mounted to the bottom of the bag. 

If your budget permits, you should invest in a slightly expensive rolling laptop bag for its quality.

The last thing you want to happen is that the wheels are falling apart when lugging around. 

You can read more features about laptop bags here.

Top 5 Best Rolling Laptop Bag Reviews

Samsonite Classic Business Case


Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case, Black, 16.5 x 8 x 13.25-Inch

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The simple, sleek design of the Samsonite 15.6-Inch Classic Business Case is one of the more versatile recommendations. It’s got a basic design that everyone can enjoy along with the storage space needed for a short trip.

It includes a nice assortment of spots to organize your items, including a large front pocket with slots for pens, cards, and other small items.

The larger compartments feature straps for keeping folders, tablets, and laptops from sliding around. The laptop compartment holds laptops measuring up to 15.6.

What I like about this case is that the material is made from a though 1682 ballistic nylon that stands up to daily abuse. It’s shielding your laptop and travel items from damage or rain.

The Samsonite case includes two carrying handles to help distribute weight when holding the bag. The telescoping handle retracts and extends smoothly and locks in place with the touch of a button.

It doesn’t offer as much storage compared to some of the other choices but still includes enough room for a laptop and a few essentials.

The long carrying handles flop around when not in use, which is slightly inconvenient when rolling the bag around.

Overall, it’s the most convenient rolling laptop case. The placement of the pockets, the size of the compartments, and the total dimensions are perfect for business travel.


  • Durable fabric material
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Look professional


  • Weak handle
  • The zippers can easily break

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Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Case


Solo New York Bryant Rolling Bag with Wheels, Fits Up to 17.3-Inch Laptop, Black, 14' x 16.8' x 5'

See Customer Owner Feedback >>

If you need to stow a large laptop or multiple laptops, the Solo Bryant 17.3 inch Rolling Laptop Case has more than enough space.

With three separate compartments, each large enough for a laptop, you can pack quite a bit into this bag.

The main compartment holds laptops measuring up to 17.3 inches while the two other compartments fit slightly smaller laptops and tablets. There is a Velcro strap in the middle compartment to secure your laptop.

One of the smaller compartments includes organizational pockets with separate pockets for pens, cards, books, and other business necessities.

With all these storage spots, this is our preferred choice for staying organized while traveling. 

You should have no problem bringing it as a carry-on item on an airplane unless you completely overstuff the bag.

One of the weakest points of this bag is that the telescoping handle doesn’t feel strong enough. 

When it is fully extended, you may feel the handle a bit flimsy, especially if the bag is fully loaded.


  • Large compartments with zippers
  • The glide wheels feel smooth
  • Comes with Solo’s 5-year warranty


  • Zippers sometimes get stuck
  • The telescoping handle feels flimsy when fully extended

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Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon


Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon for Upto 17-Inch Notebooks - Black

See Customer Owner Feedback >>

With the Swissgear Granada, you get more than enough space for a day trip without needing additional luggage. Besides fitting a 17-inch notebook, you can easily pack a change or two of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials.

The two main compartments are more extensive compared to most options. It offers lots of storage space; you may not need another piece of luggage for a short trip.

You could fit a larger laptop in the back compartment and still fit a 15-inch laptop in the middle section.

Despite the larger size, this laptop case still fits under the seat or in the overhead bin on almost any airplane. You can stuff the bag full and shouldn’t have trouble bringing it on the plane as your carry-on item.

The quality of the material and the zippers are quite impressive. The material feels soft and sturdy.

This Swissgear case is well constructed. The durable outer shell retains its shape even when not fully loaded, allowing you to stow smaller bags on top.

The two in-line skate wheels are large and roll smoothly, allowing you to glide across parking lots or carpeting with ease. The wheels glide remarkably quietly across tile and other hard surfaces.

Overall, the bag is an excellent bag for a business trip. There is some issue where, depending on the model, you may find it hard to snug fit a thicker laptop.

Another minus point is that the masculine design may not appeal to female travelers.


  • Very sturdy and well constructed
  • Plenty of storage
  • Strong handle


  • Heavy and large to carry around
  • Some thicker laptop may hard to fit in

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Kensington Contour Balance Roller Bag


Kensington K62533USA K62533US Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag in Onyx, Fits Most 15-Inch Notebooks

See Customer Owner Feedback >>

If you prefer style over function, consider the Kensington K62533US Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag. It features a contoured design with a black exterior and floral print interior, resembling a large clutch or purse.

The laptop compartment can holds laptops measuring up to 15.4 inches. It features deep-quilted material for added protection. The bottom includes an air-cushioned panel to prevent damage to your laptop and other devices.

There are various compartments and pockets help you stay organized. It includes a water bottle holder on the side, so you don’t need to open any pockets to grab your drink.

The contoured shape also adds to the comfort of carrying this bag around. It hugs the side of the body, helping to minimize the strain on your shoulder and back. 

The Air-Flo panel helps dissipate heat, keeping you from getting sweaty pits. At first glance, you wouldn’t think that this is a rolling bag. The wheels barely show while the telescoping handle remains hidden when retracted. 

The telescoping handle with ergonomic design reduces strain on the arms. However, it isn’t very durable and feels a little flimsy when fully extended.

The Kensignton Roller bag is lightweight, compact size is more comfortable to stow in overhead bins and under airplane seats. But, the purse-like design may not appeal to male travelers.


  • Airbrake bottom cushion for laptop protection
  • Air-Flo Contour (TM) Panel design for comfort
  • Contour telescoping handle


  • Flimsy telescoping handle
  • Lack of storage capacity

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Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office


Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office, Black, One Size

See Customer Owner Feedback >>

The Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner Mobile Office offers the best mobility and superior durability compared to some of the other options. It is a small rolling case, and it can accommodate laptops up to a 13.5-inch laptop.

The interior compartment is pretty basic with features the usual assortment of compartments and pockets.

The front organizer pocket includes a variety of smaller pockets for keeping small items organized. The padded laptop compartment provides optimal cushioning for protecting your device.

If you struggle to maneuver a standard rolling case, you should enjoy the increased range of motion. While most rolling laptop bags feature two in-line wheels, this compact bag features four sets of spinners for a total of eight wheels.

It features eight wheels for greater mobility and less strain on your back and knees. The spinning wheels provide 360-degree movement and roll smoothly on any surface, allowing you to change directions quickly.

The adjustable push-button upright handle suits people of any height, including individuals taller than six feet. However, the plastic carrying handle is awkward to hold, especially for those with larger hands.

One thing to reminds you that the bag can tip over when loaded unevenly. So, you need to arrange your stuff carefully.

With heavy usage, it should still hold up for several years, thanks to the thick hard shell. The bag should fit most airplane overhead bins and under most seats.


  • Small and lightweight
  • 8-wheel rolling spinner system is convenient
  • One large compartment suitable to pack clothes


  • Easily tips over
  • The wheels hard to steer

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Do I Need a Protection Plan?

Some of these rolling bags are quite expensive. The luggage protection plan will covers breakdowns from normal usage such as stains, rips or tears, seam separation, broken moving parts and more…

Better be safe than sorry.

Here is the our recommended protection plan.

What is a Rolling Laptop Bag and Its Benefits?

Generally, a rolling laptop bag serves the same functionality as other types of laptop bags for carrying your laptop around. It typically contains several compartments and pockets for your laptop, files, documents, phones, pen and etc.

What makes a rolling laptop bag apart is that it comes with wheels for you to tow it around. This bag is ideal for those who may have a health issue like back pain and shoulder pain.

Unlike shoulder laptop bag or backpack, you don’t have any unnecessary burdens on your back. Also, a rolling laptop bag improves your body posture by taking all the pressure off of your back.

Other than the health-related issue, a rolling laptop bag also keep you as a professional executive in style. If you’re a man, you don’t want to wear a backpack laptop bag that could make your suit shabby and wrinkled. Same goes to women.

This type of bag is so handy, which makes it popular for traveling with airlines. The rolling laptop bag has retractable and sturdy handles that make it so easy to move around.

You either can hold, push, or pull the bag.

Who is it Not for?

It must also be said that the rolling bag is not for everyone. Because it is sizable and generally more cumbersome, it must really meet some particular needs.

For example, if you go down to the coffee shop to work during the week, the rolling bag is probably not for you. 

In this case, it’s probably much better to invest in a sling type bag or a laptop sleeve that you can slip under your arm.


Choosing the right rolling laptop bag can be a nightmare process as there are such wide ranges of different models and features. 

By this point, I hope you should have a solid understanding of how to choose the best one for you.

Here, I recommend the Samsonite Classic Business Case.

The quality of the material makes this rolling bag excellent and reliable, which makes it so popular. This laptop bag is very suitable for both men and women. 

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