Best Backpack for Big Guys With Buying Guide

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Best Backpack For Big Guys in 2020

TUMI - Alpha Bravo London Roll Top Laptop Backpack - 15 Inch Computer Bag for Men and Women - Black

TUMI – Alpha Bravo London Roll-Top Laptop Backpack

The TUMI backpack does not only have a great design but comes with pockets to organize your belongings, great ventilation technology, and easy access to the bag’s main compartment and even the small pockets. For more details of the backpack,

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Big guys are at a disadvantage when shopping for backpacks. Most of the choices out there are made to fit regular-size people.

If a big guy uses it, it would not be enough to meet his needs. So, what is the best backpack for big guys? 

Here I dive deeper into what you should look for and list some of the best out in the market.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Backpack for Big Guys

How Do They Compare?

Backpack Details Our Score  
TUMI - Alpha Bravo London Roll Top Laptop Backpack - 15 Inch Computer Bag for Men and Women - Black TUMI – Alpha Bravo London Roll-Top Laptop Backpack
  • Top zip closure, eReader Pocket
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon
  • Capacity: 26L
  • Dimension: 19″ x 14″ x 6″
  • Laptop: 15″
No products found. Burton Tinder Backpack
  • Rucksack-style Entry, lifetime warranty
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Capacity: 27L
  • Dimension: 22.8″ x 15″ x 2″
  • Laptop: 15″
Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack, Raven Crosshatch/Black, Classic 25.0L Herschel Little America Backpack
  • Drawstring closure
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Capacity: 25L
  • Dimension: 19.25″ x 11.25″ x 7
  • Laptop: 15″
Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Backpack, Black/Steel, One Size Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Backpack
  • HeatGear shoulder straps
  • Material: 83% Polyester 17% Nylon
  • Capacity: 31L
  • Dimension: 19.5″ x 12″ x 9.1″
  • Laptop: 15″
No products found. BOPAI Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack
  • ANti-theft design, USB port
  • Material: Microfiber leather and nylon
  • Capacity: 20L
  • Dimension: 17.3’’ x 11.8’’ x 5.9‘’
  • Laptop: 15.6″

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack for a Big Guy

big backpack

Size is not the only issue here. 

Your backpack also needs to have all of the features you need.

Whether that’s storing a laptop, being capable of carrying your mobile office and gym things, or being weatherproof, you need to browse through each of your shortlisted backpacks to know that it is the right one that covers all your needs.

Here are some of the most important features in a backpack:


Guys sweat a lot. I think that’s how we are made. Because of that, you absolutely want to choose a backpack that comes with great ventilation technology. 

The good thing is that many backpacks available nowadays come with a mesh back panel to allow more air to pass.

It is especially handy when you are caught walking in the middle of the day or on hot summer days. 

Great ventilation technology comes in a trampoline-like shape called a tension-mesh suspension.


You are buying a backpack to carry things around, so it is a must that it can handle all of your belongings.

But know that not all pockets are created equal. There are several common pockets found in backpacks. 

The elasticized side pocket is the first kind. It lays flat when empty but can expand to accommodate things like a water bottle.

Second, are the easy-to-reach pockets or hip belt pockets. 

These kinds of pockets allow you to have easy access to anything you need without swinging your backpack in front of you. 

Lastly, the front pocket. A lot of people think this is merely a design element, but a front pocket can store any light objects or small belongings.

Pack Access 

This is how you can reach the inside of your bag. There are two kinds – top-loading openings and panel access. 

The first kind refers to the most common way of accessing what is inside the bag. The latter is commonly seen in bags used for outdoor adventures. 

It is the most favored by backpackers as it allows them to store more belongings and have access to them easily without taking all their things out.

The Right Fit

The right fit allows you to unload stress from your back while carrying the backpack. But how do you know which backpack is right for big guys? 

Experts say that it is the right bag if the bag’s size is proportionate with the size of your torso, and the lower part of the backpack is comfortably snug on your hips.

Find what is our favorite backpack for back pain here

Size Matters

If you’re a guy who puts appearance first, then size does matter.

You need to find the right backpack that will not have you looking like a boy going to his first kindergarten class. 

Torso length and size are factors that impact the kind of outdoor backpack that is right for you.

Size is an important consideration as 80% or more of the backpack’s weight should be shouldered by your hips.

Backpack for Big Guys Reviewed

After spending some time researching, we finally picked five backpacks that make the cut, that is large enough to fit your body and hold your stuff.

Let’s jump in!

TUMI – Alpha Bravo London Roll-Top Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Alpha Bravo London Roll Top Laptop Backpack - 15 Inch Computer Bag for Men and Women - Black

Check out Alpha Bravo London on Amazon now

TUMI sells this backpack as the perfect companion for a weekend getaway. London is an all-in-one backpack. 

It features a waterproof pocket that is ideal for storing your gadgets if you need to ride a boat to get where you are heading or you are triking mountains with friends over the weekend. 

The backpack also comes with dedicated storage for your e-reader device or tablet computer. This space can accommodate any kind of Kindle, iPad, or any other Android-powered tablets.

The London is not only great for your trips. It can also be your daily backpack whether for school or work. Its military-inspired design can easily match any outfit you’ll wear on any given day. 

Plus, it can keep your 15-inch laptop safe while heading to work or school. However, the size of the backpack is large. It might not be the ideal size for a backpack even for a big guy.

The design of the London backpack is more like a cargo backpack, which might not suit the taste or convenience of someone who commutes to work or school daily. 

Another issue is the lack of pockets for small objects. The bag was designed to handle bigger items, so it seems the designers skipped incorporating a space for smaller personal belongings.

Here is the video of the real user had to say:

See this backpack on Amazon now


  • Huge! 4XL size guy would love it
  • Plenty of storage to hold large items
  • Very well constructed


  • Cargo-ish backpack, love it or hate it
  • Lack of small pockets

For more details of the TUMI Alpha Bravo London Roll-Top Laptop Backpack, then click here to see it on Amazon.

Burton Tinder Backpack 

Burton Tinder Backpack, Kelp Heather, One Size

Check out Burton Tinder on Amazon now

If you are looking for a minimalist yet useful backpack, Burton’s Tinder backpack might satisfy your needs.

This backpack comes in a rucksack-style. It allows for easy access to your belongings by just adjusting the string. 

However, it is still functional as it comes with essential pockets to safeguard your gadgets. Tinder’s design comes with dedicated pockets for your laptop and tablet computer. 

In terms of comfort, the backpack comes with ergonomic shoulder harness with an easy-to-adjust feature for more convenient carrying.

The Tinder also comes with other features like adjustable webbing so you can easily attach a jacket and an internal zippered mesh pocket with key clip. 

Mountain climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to get away from the usual dark hues of outdoor backpacks will find the Tinder an interesting piece. 

Burton offers a wide range of options for its color including the Castlerock Tiger Ripstop print, the Desert Duck Print, and the Kelp Heather design.

But if the TUMI London is abundant in pockets, the Tinder is the exact opposite.

The backpack does not come with a dedicated pocket for a water bottle nor does it have an external pocket where you can keep important things for easier access later.

Here is the video of the real user had to say:

See this backpack on Amazon now


  • Variety of different color and patterns to choose from
  • Drawstring closure
  • Minimalist looks


  • Less organizational options
  • The laptop protection sleeve isn’t great

For more details of the Burton Tinder backpack, then click here to see it on Amazon.

Herschel Little America Backpack 

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack, Raven Crosshatch/Black, Classic 25.0L

Check out Herschel Little America on Amazon now

Little America from Herschel is for big guys who are looking for something that comes with timeless design and is still dependable. 

This backpack comes with all the essential features including an internal media pocket with an easy access headphone port, a front pocket with a hidden zipper and key clip, a padded compartment for your 15-inch laptop, and magnetic straps so you no longer need to worry about not properly closing it while in a hurry. 

In terms of design, Little America continues the philosophy behind every backpack released by Herschel.

The bag is made with a fine regard for detail and comes with high-quality material, 100% polyester with nylon lining; but is engineered in a way that makes it easily blend for everyday use.

The storage option is not the best quality in Little America.

Like the Tinder backpack from Burton, the design of the bag only has a dedicated laptop compartment and two internal small pockets and that’s it. 

This is, however, a common design among backpacks from Herschel – big compartments to allow storage of all the things you think you need for traveling or when going to work or school.

Here is the video of the real user had to say:

See this backpack on Amazon now


  • Has a great quality
  • Large-volume
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Lack of Interior Pockets

For more details of the Herschel Little America backpack, then click here to see it on Amazon.

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Backpack 

Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Backpack, Black/Steel, One Size

Check out Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 on Amazon now

The Undeniable 3.0 backpack from Under Armour is the most sporty looking backpack in this list.

Already on its third version, this backpack is well-loved for the durable materials that make it a no-brainer for everyday use. 

The bag incorporates the UA Storm technology, which makes it highly dependable when caught in the middle of a storm or there is a high risk of it being exposed to water.

The backpack’s bottom is enforced with a tough, abrasion-resistant panel.

Given that it is water-resistant, it can also be a great backpack for big guys looking for something they can bring to work or school.

It also comes with a compartment perfect for keeping your 15-inch laptop safe. 

The Undeniable 3.0 also has an extra-large main compartment easily accessible with a top loader.

The compartment’s size means that you can tag along with everything from gym clothes to books to an extra pair of shoes when you leave home for the office in the morning.

This backpack is not for those who like things organized. The extra-large main compartment of the Undeniable 3.0 is also its biggest weakness.

It lacks compartments so you can neatly organize your things. 

But it might be how athletic guys want it since the large compartment can easily hide their basketball.

Here is the video of the real user had to say:

See this backpack on Amazon now


  • Great overall quality
  • Superb water-resistant material
  • Love the top zipper feature


  • Only one size available
  • May not suitable to use for school

For more details of the Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 backpack, then click here to see it on Amazon.

BOPAI Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack 

BOPAI Intelligent Increase Backpack Men Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Laptop Rucksack with USB Charging Business Laptop Backpack for Men College Backpack Travel , Black

Check out BOPAI Anti Theft on Amazon now

Big guys who want a business-looking backpack should check out this offering from BOPAI.

The Anti-Theft Business Laptop backpack is the only one in this list that caters to big sized businessmen. 

Its design makes use of smooth zippers and a clever mechanism that allows you to increase its capacity with a pull of a zipper.

Materials used on the backpack also fit those who want to look formal and ready for business.

This BOPAI backpack is made of microfiber leather that is water-resistant and durable ballistic nylon.

Its insides are large enough to accommodate every document needed by a businessman, including a compartment dedicated for laptops or tablet computers up to 15 inches in size.

Given that businessman moves from one place to another quite quickly, storage is not an issue for this BOPIA backpack.

However, ventilation might be a concern especially if you are the type of big guy who sweats a lot. 

This backpack is made from leather and nylon, two materials that absorb heat. Breathability is not the biggest strength of this BOPAI. 

One benefit though is that while the materials used are not great for letting air easily pass through, it comes with paddings that make it comfortable to carry around even on a hot summer day.

Updated: Here is the new version of this backpack.


  • Tons of anti-theft features
  • Expandable up to 50% of extra storage
  • Three ways of carrying


  • The overall quality could be better
  • Some flaws in the design

For more details of the BOPAI Anti Theft Business Laptop backpack, then click here to see it on Amazon.

Which is the Right One for Big Guys?

The Alpha Bravo London from TUMI is the best one. 


It comes in the right size that might fit your torso and waist. Remember that these two factors are important parameters you should consider whether your backpack’s fit is the right one for you. 

The latter being the most important as it gives you an idea of whether the weight of the bag is carried by your hips. It also packs in all the essential features that one needs from a great backpack.

This TUMI backpack does not only have a great design but comes with pockets to organize your belongings, great ventilation technology, and easy access to the bag’s main compartment and even the small pockets.